SAJ symbolises Excellence in hospitality, blended rightly with attention to detail and dependable service, which exceeds the expectation of guests. SAJ Holdings Private Limited branded as SAJ Hotels and Resorts, is a chain of hotels and resorts across Kerala has one of its resorts with close proximity to Cochin International Airport, enabling the guests to check-in to the room within minutes after exiting the airport, thus making it an ideal choice for stay after a long tiring journey. SAJ has its presence in the heart of the capital city of Kerala, making it apt for government officials, tourists, pilgrims and fake rolex business executives for fulfilling their various requirements. The resort located in Vagamon is popular and a preferred destination for holiday, family retreats, get-togethers, etc due to its unique features. Thus, SAJ showcases each of its products with varying specialities.


SAJ Earth Resort, located close to Cochin International Airport, is the perfect Gateway to God’s own country, from where all travel plans can be easily organised....


At 3000 feet above sea level up in the majestic Western Ghats, 'SAJ Vagamon Hideout' is located at 'Vagamon', a sleepy little border town in the mountainous and forest covered 'Idukki' district of Kerala.


Saj Lucia is located in the very heart of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Established in 1983 as a top class luxury hotel, SAJ Luciya earned the Four Star classification way back in early 90's when such hotels were rare in Kerala.



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